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i read with nostalgia, another thread (michelle123's: i did it!!!) about a person finishing their studies and about to embark on their own nursing career as mine nears closure. talk about memories... Read More

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    Like the OP I was hired for an oncology position upon graduation and we signed GN. The hospital had RN after our name on our badge already and it was taped over and inked in with the GN. My nursing class had 13 and many of us were in the 3 area hospitals. We were all scheduled to have the 2 days off to sit for our boards. back then every state had the same boards given on the same day. We even received number scores! When results came back we proudly took our letters to work and quite unceremoniously removed the taped GN from our badges. (I laboriously scrubbed the tape residue off.) There were a few crossed out/errored GNs at the end of my name but I eventually got the hang of it. There are things I've done in my life I wish I hadn't and even a few true regrets but when it has come to my career I have none. I have practiced with integrity, compaaion, and skill. I am a Registered Nurse!

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    Before I had a chance to sign my name, RN, I was asked to cosign another RN at the pyxis. Now that was a big moment for me!!!
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    I've been racking my brain and I can't remember the first time I signed my name with "RN" after it. I suppose it was during my first orientation day at work.

    However, this thread did remind me of one my favorite nursing memories, the first time someone recognized I was a nurse outside of a clinical setting. My dtr was born literally days after I completed nursing school. So I wasn't quite an RN yet when this happened since I still had to take NCLEX, but I was almost there. Anyway, the day after I got home from the hospital the OB home care nurse called to set up a home visit. She asked me how the baby and I had been doing since we got home and I more or less gave her report on my dtr and myself. When I through she asked me "Are you a nurse?" It gave me so much confidence knowing that I had learned enough to sound like a professional and that another nurse could tell that I was a nurse just by talking with me on the phone.
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    One of the coolest things for me was when I first signed my name to the birth records/foot print cards of a set of triplets following a c/s. The thought ran through my mind: "In 20 years, if one of these kids goes to the courthouse looking for birth records, they're going to see my T. Nurse, RN sitting there on that document! Cool!"

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