Which Field of Nursing Do You Love and Why? - page 2

Which field of nursing do you love? ER? Med/Surg? Peds? ICU? etc? and why??... Read More

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    Chronic NICU aka as stepdown NICU aka Newborn Developmental Unit. Absolutely love my little BPD'ers, chronic vents and feeder/growers. Esp the feeder/growers.

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    NICU - love seeing these kiddos grow and teaching the parents about them and how to care for them. Plus I love the critical care aspect and that you don't ALWAYS have unstable patients. Nice balance.
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    I love working in the operating room because I get to see so many different surgical procedures performed and I get to see some awesome anatomy. As a scrub nurse I get to play with all sorts of instruments and equipment, there is so much to learn everyday.
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    I love Hospice.....I get to give my patients one-on-one nursing care. I never feel that I have to leave a pt. "right now" for the emergency down the hall. Also get to do alot of teaching which I enjoy too.

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