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  1. 0 Hi all - another in the continuing saga: a "central lines" file is up on the MICU FAQ site... www.geocities.com/markhammerschmidt
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    Very informative!!! I'm curious. Why do ya'll not use a line for TPN and Meds simotaneously? We do this all the time, I was shocked when I saw you say once a line was used for meds, it couldn't be used again for TPN. Just curious
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    Nurs4kids: This is one of those dogmas that get established and then never changed, I guess. I understand that the oncology service in our hospital actually does mix meds in line with TPN, but this is black heresy where I work. Usually provokes the infamous "concerned" response, as in "We're concerned about your understanding of our policies...", followed by burning at the stake...

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