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Was wondering is anyone using family initiated rapid response? If so, how do you educate them how and when to do it? What about abuse of the system? How is it working? Thanks, Maisy... Read More

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    We also have one (called FIRST I think, don't remember what the acronym is for to be honest). There is an educational flyer in each of our admit binders, along with a copy of the flyer up on the wall in the patient's room. I haven't heard of much abuse of it, and the one time that I know it happened risk management got involved and came down on the patient/family for "abuse of emergency services that could negatively impact response to a true emergent situation" or something along those lines.

    I believe that it goes out over the pagers just like our rapid response does...which I can see having an impact on those false calls. "Geez, I just wanted a Pepsi, and I ended up with a code cart, twelve nurses, a pharmacist, three RTs, and a doctor in my room...and boy, did they all look p!ssed off at me! Better not do that again!"

    Personally, I don't educate people on it, although I should.

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    We have it. Just started. I think its only been called 2 or 3 times since we started it. and It's not an official RR... only the nursing supervisor comes.
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    Quote from MAISY, RN-ER
    Thanks for the responses so far....

    it seems that this program was instituted at John's Hopkins after a little girl named Josie King died due to a series of hospital errors and poor communication. The parents re-invested in the hospital with the lawsuit winnings in an effort to prevent future deaths when a parent or family member doesn't feel like their concerns are being listened to. There isn't very much in the way of literature on the subject.

    Thanks again,

    Is that the little girl who died of dehydration after they stopped her fluids and kept her NPO? If it's the case I'm thinking of, we had to watch a video about it. I don't remember the details other than what I said and that she drank a ton of juice one day and that by the time they realized that she was that dehydrated, it was too late. Or am I thinking of something different?
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    Well, it might be the same one....Josie King was 18mos old when she died at John's Hopkins due to dehydration and after her mother kept saying there was something wrong. It was found that the healthcare personnel through poor communication allowed her to become very dehydrated and no one listened to her mother. There was a large lawsuit, and the King family has provided endowments and education so that it will never happen again. My research showed that Pittsburgh Shadyside instituted the first Condition H after the VP of Patient Care heard Sorrel King speak during an Institute of Health seminar and decided that as a group, healthcare could do better as patient advocates.

    We'll see, personally I think there are never enough eyes and ears.



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