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Exceeding Expectations: My First Mission Trip Beth Goodheart RN, BSN, CNOR Sitting at the airport I look around at everyone about to leave for their first mission trip wondering if they are prepared for what they’re... Read More

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    There is a good book that I came across years ago when I did medical wk to Mexico and India. where there is no doctor put out by Hesperian Society
    a good thing to take with ya to buggy places is flea powder which you put around the bed to keep bugs from crawling up the bed legs. and put it on the mattress in questionable places and then put sheets back. mugwort root is good to keep parasites away

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    I read that book as well, rentalnurse. Very very informative.
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    It was a treat to read this because I am Dominican and I know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes I forget what its like over there too. It's important to be aware of how lucky us Americans are here: clean water, paved roads, health, money, etc. Thank you for this story. Please go there again even if you don't know Spanish. They need all our help and encouragement to lead better lives.
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    I definately plan to! Thank you
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    That's pretty much the same feelings I had on my first mission trip to Limon, Honduras! Excited and scared at the same time, especially since I did not speak Spanish-How was I to ask what the problem was???? Thank the wonderful interpreters we had! My trip started out as a service project for my BSN program. It has turned into soooo much more. We met a group of orphans down the street from the clinic and now our new non profit organization is working hard to build a new orphanage for them. I have returned 2 more times in 1.5 years and plan to continue going as much as possible.

    If anyone is interested, below are 2 websites you can visit.

    For mission group: www.carolinahondurashealth.org

    For orphanage group: www.leonardashomeofhope.org

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