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I wrote this in May 2007. This was my first clinical day of Med Surg. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Today was our first day of med surg. I had a very nice patient. He had a very nice family there to be there with him. He will be... Read More

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    Aaaaaand I'm crying. This was so beautiful. You're going to make an amazing nurse. I get told all the time that I'm too sensitive by my coworkers, but you know what? Families LOVE me. So keep on keepin' on, darlin'.
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    Beautiful! I think you are an awesome nurse! I would be proud to work with you!
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    wow that was an amazing post. I just joined this site and this was the first post i read. I feel the same way as you about life and am very senstive as well. Put very nicely into wordsredbeathe
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    You not only a nurse that I would work with very happily, but also one that I would be honored to have take care on anyone I know. My brother passed away from cancer last year and we were very blessed to be there when he passed and also blessed to have great nurse take care of him. Thank you for your story. I wholeheartedly agree that Everyone was/is somebody's baby.
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    A couple of thoughts - you wrote a sensitive, insightful piece.

    Your jaded classmate might have been blustering to cover her fear.
    Things aren't always what they appear to be.

    I didn't know organs could be donated by drug abusers. What about passing on diseases that drug abusers are prone to?

    The pt might not have been the one to donate. It might have been his family who did that.

    I do appreciate your article and may God bless you.
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    WOW! keep writting!!! We will all be buying your books one day! Really awsome work & your classmates, future co-workers and PATIENTS are lucky!!!!!

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