Emotions at work - page 2

Hello Everyone, I am a graduate student Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I have recently proposed my thesis project and am now in the data collection stage. I am studying emotions at... Read More

  1. by   zamboni
    Your survey doesn't like Safari. Sorry.
  2. by   Traela
    So, I did finish the survey. I general I thought it was okay adn liked where you were going with it.
    The first few sets of questions are totally fine, and interesting.
    The page with the longer questions (maybe page 4?) is a little wordy. The first few questions on that page are a little confusing and required me reading them over a couple of times.
    The page(s?) of questions about humour was/were a little repetitive, but I am guessing there is some statistical reason for asking the same questions slightly different ways.
    Finally on the last page (6?) there is one question (the fourth one I think) that asks something about "using your sense of" (totally not the right words, sorry) and then the word "humour" is the next question.
    I'm sure these are things you are aware of, but just in case...
    BTW I am using Firefox on a Mac
    good luck!