Dorms at Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing, NJ

  1. First, please excuse me if I have posted this is the wrong area, and feel free to correct me! I was not sure where else to post the question, so I am putting it in general discussion for now. I am starting school at Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing (Teaneck, NJ) in mid August. I have recently started considering living in the dorms for a couple of reasons- peace and quiet, forming bonds with the other girls, being close to school, etc. I have never lived in a dorm before and would like to A: find out what the dorms are like at Holy Name, have you lived in/seen the dorms? Are they good, bad, cramped? Is there less partying/noise complaints due to the fact that it is all nursing students? Do they have a shared bathroom? I would love to hear about it! I called the school yesterday and was told the woman in charge of the dorms was gone until July 26th (when payment is due for living there) and I would not be able to see one until that date, so I am a little anxious! B: Be given any and all advice on dorm living, and things I should know before making the decision.

    Thank you ahead of time!
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  3. by   gr8rnpjt
    I was not aware there were any nursing schools left that still had dorms!! I don't know about this particular program. I went to a diploma school with private dorms (1 student per room) and I really liked the dorm atmosphere, most especially when we were studying. because you could study with others and in groups.
  4. by   linRdsNay
    I can't say anything about your school or their dorms, but dorm life in general is great! Like the other poster eluded to, the moral support is wonderful and extremely helpful when studying for exams. I think that all college students should have the chance to live in a dorm for at least one year. Not only is it fun and a great way to meet people and form life-long bonds, but you end up learning a lot about yourself as well.
  5. by   nicoleRN831
    I went to this school (2005). I didn't dorm, and actually only one girl in both classes dormed. She was in the room all by her self. The med students would sleep there if they didn't have a place to go or they had to stay at the hospital. Dorming there is not like a regular college dorm, it's completely empty. And if I'm not mistaken I think that the nuns live there.
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    PS:: I don't know what size you are.... But I have my old uniform tops from there. I only used them for 1 semester and then transferred so they are still in good shape. They are either a size Small or Medium
  7. by   CaitlinLiz
    Thank you so much for the responses! I have never dormed before and I really wanted to experience it at least my freshman year, but if no one else does it I suppose that defeats the purpose.
  8. by   delilas
    Call up on the day she comes back with a list of questions before you submit payment. How many students there will be staying would be a great one if you dont want to be alone.

    I got an entirely different degree before I went into nursing, and loved dorm life for the convenience and friendships - I think nursing would be even better since everyone would have the same tests! I enjoyed a room to myself my second year, which had its pros and cons versus sharing a room, but still had a great community feel to it. If there are other students, I would still say go for it.

    best of luck to you.
  9. by   Auntmarge
    Hello, Living in the dorms at Holy Name was wonderful-- many of us former graduates made great friends and have memories that are unforgetable. In this day it would be wonderful not to have to worry about travel and bills. I called the school 2 yrs ago for a young friend and the office said that only about 10 people lived in the dorms. We had an old part and a new wing-- seems funny now. (I graduated 30 yrs ago) Both living areas were great. The old rooms were single small rooms but were close to each other and you shared a shower. As you advanced in school you could request a solarium room and share it with a friend. The newer wing had 2 floors and double rooms with a sink/ mirror in them. It is a shame that they are not open for residence as we had them-- maybe if more students requested. Good Luck!!!
  10. by   tmhart
    Hi CaitlinLiz!!
    Just wanted to check in with you to see how you like nursing school at HNH so far. I'll be starting next August so any info you have so far would be great. Thanks. Best of luck to you.