Does your personal doctor work where you work? - page 2

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I'm about to choose a family doctor in a new town where I'll be attending nursing school. Is there any reason why I should choose a doctor who doesn't work in one of the hospitals where I also hope to be working in a few years? ... Read More

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    Quote from Jennerizer
    I switched doctors after seeing how rude mine was to the nursing staff....all the time.
    Yes, this. I also switched PCPs after observing that mine ... clearly hates nurses.
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    Quote from altra
    yes, this. i also switched pcps after observing that mine ... clearly hates nurses.
    there's nothing more i rather witness than these so called nurse-haters physicians, work by themselves and see the outcome of their pt. care
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    I choose my doctor after we already worked together. I picked him because he is probably the smartest man I know, and goes to great lengths for his patients. I have never had an issue with it in the work place. If I am sick while at work and he is working, he will listen to my lungs ect and write me a script. Dont know how legal that is, but for us. If he feels I need blood work or anything, he will send me on my break, so it has its perks.