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I looked up at the doctor across the crib who is still hovering over him and checking his ventilator and trachea. Wildly he flailed as the doctor touched his abdomen. I tried to calm him by holding his hand. This is the first... Read More

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    Sorry, just curious, as with your posts it wasn't clear to me which way you were leaning on, so that's why I asked.

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    I think those of us with life science in our backgrounds, ought have no problem recognizing there certainly are biological errors, and they are spawned by the millions everyday of the year.

    Natural flaws can be seen in cornfields (conjoined cobs are about 1:100,000) as well as that certain, well-known actress with 12 toes. (Yes, she uses foot-doubles when needed)

    Does God Make Mistakes is truly a touching story, and no right-thinking one of us could rightly condescend to the nurse who authored it: That is an honest question and it comes from the heart.

    I've reached the point after 30 years where I believe this: The Lord started the ball rolling, and as the Creator, he or she is the Producer of our movie. But he/she leaves the Direction & the Acting, the Soundtrack & the Lyrics, the Successes & the Outtakes - to us.

    After 12,200 emergency patient tragedies, I see no sign whatsoever of Divine intervention. I see humanity fumbling along, trying to make sense of it all. Heaven & Hell? Sure. They are right here with us. Likely not some invisible Nirvana in the sky.
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    Quote from Chapis
    Sorry, just curious, as with your posts it wasn't clear to me which way you were leaning on, so that's why I asked.
    That's because I'm not clear. My previous post was't me being snotty. What if I believe both or none? I can't really decide.

    That's why I'm agnostic, and not atheist...
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    ohhhh okay-got it, thanks!:d
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    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    Well, I was obviously responding to something else, not to someone who experienced 6 miscarriages.

    So what's right, good, or bad?
    Why do I have to offer an alternative to God? Why is that my job?
    I'm mearly saying, how on earth is a perfect God someone who allows the things he allows?

    And while the OP story had 6 miscarriages, still borns, etc, some crack ****** is spitting out kids that are unwanted, uncared for, and probably being abused, starved or mistreated.

    Who learns from that? I mean, really?

    Do you know what I've learned from my battle from infertility? I didn't learn anything good, that's for damn sure. I didn't learn compassion or kindness. Nope. That's not what that battle taught me.

    I learned bitterness. But, I suppose that will be described as 'my choice' or 'my fault' or 'man's fault' or pollution, or vanity, etc, etc.

    Whatever it takes to justify an all powerful, kind god. Let's blame the world, but allow a god that allows suffering, cruelty, pain, etc..all to teach us something! How perfect!

    I really truly feel your pain, because I have been there and could happen again to me. Yes, I too have asked those questions...I struggle with it everytime. When I hear and see on tv of children kidnapped and brutally murdered by some sick and deranged person----------I personally would like to punish these perverts , and I would make them scream for a never ending pain ! Why does God allow this? Why does God allow us to make a choice? Unfortunately there are those people that should not have any privileges of making a choice, because they are sick in the mind and in their heart and they choose to hurt others especially the innocent children-------------so what may be a solution ? Maybe we can make a choice of a stricter laws for sexual perverts containment, an after school safe place for kids ...........etc. we can have the choice of doing something about it concrete to minimize or eradicate this sick perversion . Maybe we should shoot these perverts in the public plaza for all to see...... But this is me and still struggling and will be with a lot of things. I think a lot of us is in the same boat with this.................................. but the worse scenario is getting mad at God , for this is the time I need Him more than ever! It helps when I pray and talke to Him....for truly I bleive He hears me...........I just do not understand as to how He works.
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    Gods do not exist. Get real! Nature makes mistakes. As a mother that has had a child born with severe deformities, I know it is selfish to keep a child alive so they can suffer. The child has no future, and will never live with any kind of quality of life. I agree with the doctor. Ending the child's suffering would be the best thing for this child, and the family. The family needs to move on with their life.
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    Administration is respectfully asking that all religious debate about the existence or not of God and/or if God makes mistakes, cease.

    The title of this beautifully written article is, "Does God Make Mistakes?", and is a title only, not an invitation to debate.

    If you wish to continue this discussion, you may start a new thread in the Ethics, Philosophy and Religion forum, or post on this thread already in existence:

    Any future posts debating the title will be removed without explanation.

    Thank you.
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    amen, praise god!! beautifully written, thank you for reminding us that, 'faith is the subtance of things hoped for & the evidence of things not seen.'
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    This story was told very well, even showing your change of heart took courage...Not everyone is capable of taking good care of special needs is often totally heart breaking...whether the child was born this way or something traumatic caused the disease state. Often a mother or fathers heart is the only real connection that you can "actually see", like a window to the childs heart/soul...Have you ever worked with a closed head injured pt...and wondered whether there was anyone in there, and months later they actually woke up!? Its amazing, and totally unexpected, yet it does happen...Medicine is amazing, its Gods gift, and His grace, His hope applied to our lives ...but...we are only PRACTICING medicine, as nurses etc...We are His healing hands, His touch, His hug, that can be passed on from person to person...Over the yrs (or even only months) many miracles have you taken place in....have you assisted in a birth? WOW!! Have you held someones hand, or just sat with someone through the dying process...It is just really hard for me to believe that some big bang happened and all the cells lined up and poof, a human was created ...over time...yeah right...everything is essentially made out of the same ole stuff, and yet, one is a human, another a dog, and another a plant...hmm I just can't wrap my mind around that...My answer, my hearts belief is that there is a God..whatever you call your creator...its all about faith..we get too smart for our britches (I know, kind of hick sounding--but you get my drift), and all of a sudden we question our very existence...I honestly don't know where all this came from....I had a grandchild who lived a little less than an hour...the Dr...(the so called specialist) wanted my grand daughter to be born vaginally, so that it woud quicken her death...was suppose to be "MORE HUMANE" The actual birth would probably cause her to be stillborn..During a "cheating" ultrasound to find out whether my grandbaby was a boy or girl (small town hospital---friend did an ultrasound)...the Small town Dr. was called in on a sunday Dr. M came into the hospital off of the tractor in his cowboy boots/jeans..and helped us understand what the ultrasound tech saw...My grand daughter had an omphalocele...and would need a specialized ultrasound, and specialist to determine what our next moves should be...He was kind and gave us hope...Until the specialist informed us that "IT WAS NOT VIABLE"...My daughter knew that didn't sound good, and I became well...Ticked off immediately...I let the Dr. know he needed to explain to my daughter what he meant, and that he better find his compasionate side while doing so!! Anyway, my grand daughter had Pentology of Cantrel...and a multitude of abnormalties. The Dr told us she had 3 days to decide to abort it!....My daughter told him right then and there that her baby girls life was in Gods hands, and chose to carry her...surpisingly Justina went to almost full term...was born 4pounds 13oz, blonde hair, ....(sorry I am jumping around)...when my daughter went into labor the Dr/Specialist said she needed to deliver vaginally it was best for the baby! Yeah, RIGHT...we knew she was malformed, with severe scoliosis, etc (sort of fused bent like a L shape,) her intestines were on the outside, as well as her heart, she only had a partial diaphragm, her lungs were incomplete...and they said a vaginal birth would be best (so that she would suffer less!!)...They were making my daughter labor, on top of everything else, I thought this was so unfair...labor is suppose to have a wonderful outcome...why go through it when there is so little chance...and why tear a baby apart while traveling through the birth canal!!! What's fair about die in birth...not to mention that my daughter was still young, and wanted more than anything in life to be a "mother"..and what the Dr. proposed posed a serious danger to my daughter..and her chances of having children again...He suggested that a C-section was a high risk too...(He didn't know I was a surgical nurse, who assisted in C-sections)Anyway, I went over his daughter had a c-section and my grand daughter was born! She lived less than an hour...I held her, and literally watched her little heart beat, and her lungs take their breaths...she gave it her best shot...but grandma sung to her, and held her, until Jesus took her in His loving arms...My daughter had a chance to meet her daughter, and to say goodbye. This was yrs ago..could she have lived today with intervention? Maybe..but Gods grace was sufficient...Is this all why now yrs later I have changed directions once again and find myself working with special needs children...I enjoy seeing the smiles/and facial expressions these children have...the light that shines in their eyes when they recognize their family, and yes, even their nurse! I know someone is in much they understand, how far they will go in life...isn't up to me. I can't control any of that, but I can control portions of their health. I can give them good care, with Love and tenderness, laughter and joy...isn't that what we all need....(by the way--if you are taking care of a child, and they are not being cared for properly, is CPS involved? Or is it a situation where alls you can do is your best, whether it be in their home, or institution they all deserve our best...if you can't give loving care then maybe its time for a change. God Bless all those that give their best for these truly special children (and adults)!
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    Gonso 1224, Thanks for the book reference, Many Lives, Many Masters.
    I want to check that out.

    Chapis, Thanks, a zillion kudos!

    Country Rat, Thanks, a zillion kudos!

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