Do you ever correct people about medical stuff? - page 11

I'm not talking about patient education, I'm just talking about general conversation. I hear people get things wrong medically all the time, but I rarely correct people. For example, a relative... Read More

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    Quote from madwife2002
    Too funny, let me tell you after I had a car accident I had nerve damage and problems with restless legs and in desperation I tried the bar of soap in the bed and it didnt work LOL
    There has got to be SOMETHING to it - some swear by it =).

    For the sake of my future research, what kind of soap did you use?

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    Pretty much never...sometimes I'll pass along little educational tidbits to immediate family members when there is something that totally relates to them, but the rest of the time it's either 1) something that I don't really care about or, rarely 2) something soooo wrong/annoying that I know I'd be rude if I did say something.
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    I didn't correct a friend who told me she had trigeminal neuralgia in her hip. It about killed me not to tell her that was anatomically impossible.
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    I used to, but I am scared about being known as a "know it all" so now I don't! Unless it has to do with antibiotic misuse, then I pipe up!
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    Quote from SaoirseRN
    I'm from Canada, and we say de-bride, not de-breed.
    In Australia, we say "de-bride" too.
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    My husband keeps using "diaretic" when my kids have a bout of diarrhea. "He's been diaretic all day, hon. What should we do?" I do not have the heart to tel him to stop using the damn term when he has spent all day changing diapers of a "diaretic" toddler.
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    Quote from RNdynamic
    Not always is the gist adequately conveyed if people are using the wrong terms for certain illnesses. Years ago, AIDS was called the "gay cancer," an offensive term for a disease that is not the same as actual cancer.
    You can justify it all you want. Your initial post was incredulous. No excuse. Besides that post, I've seen you on other threads causing problems. Your words portray your views on this site. Thats all we have to go by to judge you. That's why we have to choose our words CAREFULLY. You can't say something like that and not expect negative responses
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    Quote from kool-aide
    C'mon guys, lets get back to having fun! Prostrate really annoys me! Also, my grandpa thinks that every lab test requires fasting, and nobody will convince him otherwise! Haha
    Exactly, this is a fun thread I just couldn't take that ONE poster anymore and HAD to speak up. But let the fun continue
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    Nope, if it is not a patient, one of my children, or some other person I am responsible for, I don't correct. It is humiliating and I am not responsible to educate the public.
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    I liked this thread for the first few pages, and then it took a turn.

    Does anything really matter? Truly, in the grand scheme of things, we are insignificant in comparison to the vast expanse of the universe; amdist the sands of time, we are but a grain. Our meaning is entirely derived from a speck within existense, and all will live on after us just as it did before us.

    So let us have a vent thread, and stop picking apart everyones vent. No it doesn't matter, but if you truly feel it doesn't matter, let them vent here instead of correcting everyone they meet. We deal with ignorant people every day, we need to talk to people who arent to help us sane.

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