Do we need to take drugs.. in order to do our job? - page 15

Recent posts have brought up the question.. is it legal to take mood altering medication while on duty? ... and " I am so stressed out , I am now on an anti-depressant medication". I cannot... Read More

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    Provigil is big drug theses days too. I am prescribed it because of my so called narcolepsy that is gone, which is awsome, because those meds made me wacked out.
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    Viva las vegas - so glad you found your manageable place. It is such a great place to find - i know! And yes, I too will be on my meds forever (at a tiny dose that drs say does nothing, but when I stop, i fall back into pain and depression) i am extremely happy I found my space where I feel normal. And i eat organic everything if I can, no sodas no more, no alcohol, and protein shakes, yum. And exercise. It is so awesome to feel energetic without worrying about pain later. Yay!!!!
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