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Any nurse ever move from one area of the USA to another, and find that different terms are used?? Or just that different meds are used more or less frequently?? Just curious! Up north where I was originally from if we needed... Read More

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    gave 1 milk and molasses enema in my life in a trauma unit no less. have a SMOG enema at the hospital i work at now.......saline, mineral oil and glycerin.....learn something new every day
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    One of the nurses I used to work with called a blood sugar a "dextras." I've also heard it called a "CBG," a "gluco-stick," and a FSBS. I usually just say blood sugar.

    The place where I did my paramedic training said "buffalo cap" for a saline lock and "updraft" for a nebulizer...I've also heard a nebulizer called an "aerosol."

    One of the weirdest I've heard is a "peel here" for an IV t-extension. One of the guys in a paramedic class called them that because that is the only writing on the package...now I've even heard people who don't know this guy and who aren't even in our EMS system calling them a "peel here."

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    In OB we have complete vs. fully (for when a patient is 10 cm). I love when we get staff from other countries, we hear great alternative terms, I think that is where I heard "fully" from a nurse from England.
    Long ago we had tylenol and codiene as 2 pills now we use T#3 so that is why it changed for us.
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    When I moved from Nashville to Memphis, I had never heard of an INT. I didn't know what they were talking about. I had always said Saline Lock. And that was the same state!

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