Difference between a CNA and a Habilitation Technician???

  1. So I have a really dumb question...

    I am currently a Hab Tech, but considering the idea of going to take the college credits to become a CNA. I asked my boss if it would be beneficial, and she stated that I may get a raise, but in most cases the pay is the same or actually gets lowered. So my question, what exactly is the difference between a CNA and a Habilitation Technician? I have no credentials as is for the Hab Tech, yet if I become a CNA i may lose pay or stay the same....... what gives?
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  3. by   misanonymous88
    The only difference between the two is that a CNA has more options in terms of working setting because they may work in a hospital or clinic etc because employers see them as having more "medical" education. Habilitation tech's job is aimed more towards companionship, mentoring, supervising...sometimes they are kind of like an assistant. I worked as both before but let me tell you that being a CNA gets paid less, I've seen 3-4 dollar differences per an hour.
  4. by   microsmarti
    It is good to have a CNA under your belt (good experience.) However, if you are going to college to get a medical education, it is better to become a LPN/LVN, depending on your State. Beyond that, if you have time to become a RN, better for you.

  5. by   AnonymousLearner
    thanks for in the input. that helps me some. maybe i am better off just sticking with my hab tech job, cannot really afford to take a pay cut. but if i do the nursing education, maybe i will aim for the RN and not just stop at the cna II. thanks again!!!