Did I help the nurses or did I do nothing? - page 2

I'm a nursing assistant in the float department. Half of the times, we would work on the floor of different units and the other times we would sit. When I'm working on the floor or sitting, I work... Read More

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    I'm thinking you probably felt you didn't do enough because you stated you barely did AM cares, but honestly you did so much. 3 sets of vitals on 13 patients, 10 accuchecks, and documenting I&O is huge. I would be honored to work with such an efficient and dedicated employee.

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    13 sugars? Can you come work at my employer haha!
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    I'd pay to let others let you go and be the helper on my team any day!!!!!!!!
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    Sounds like you did well. After working with a few subpar aides who truly don not manage their time well and are generally sloppy, I have to say that if you are clearly so concerned about doing your best, you are probably awesome
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    I understand where you are coming from and I think I can give some insight into why you feel like you did nothing even though you were busy all day. You had more patients than is normal for a hospital day shift and were stretched very thin. Because you couldn't give full, complete care to each patient, you feel like you didn't do enough, however you did quite well for the patient load you had. My guess is that if you would have had 1/2-2/3 the patient load and worked exactly as hard, you would have felt much more fulfilled.

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