Demoted from ICU to IMCU - page 5

So I'm a new nurse working in a 14 bed icu. I just graduated in May and started working there in late July. It was going well with my first preceptor on day shift training then I was assigned a new... Read More

  1. by   Dakeirus
    Why do people keep thinking that the ICU is be-all and end-all of nursing? It's so dumb. Different specialties require different set of skills and learning curves. If I were to suddenly transfer from the ICU to L&D, I would be freaking lost and would require months of orientation. If you were to float me to the floor out of nowhere, I'd freak out. Nurses (who have been there for decades) in my ICU get stressed out the moment we're short and they have to take 3 patients. I can't imagine just suddenly floating to the floor and taking 8 patients when I haven't worked there in years. I wish people would wake up and see this.