Dehydration with peg tube?!

  1. [font=courier new]hello!! i am a nursing student and i currently just took an overnight job as basically a care provider. my patient has a trach and a peg tube. ive noticed over the past few days it seems like the amount of mucous he his coughing up has increased. he sleeps very little at night due to this. he has to be suctioned several times throughout the night. he has so much mucous coming up when he coughs his shirt gets covered from it coming out of the cannula. now i know this is pretty normal..but my concern is if he is becoming dehydrated. his urine is concentrated and his lungs sound full of this mucous. i was wondering if he was getting enough fluids or not and maybe if not this could be a reason for so much in his lungs? how much water should he be getting?? he's getting 7 cans of food a day (56oz or 1,659ml) he is scheduled to get water 3 times a day. now i havnt discussed with the daytime nurse yet (i will be when she gets here in a few hours) but going off the questions hes answered for me hes only getting about 180 ml of water. is this enough?? hes not on any fluid restriction. i want to know if this is a concern before i take it to his daughter. please if anyone has any comments or info. id greatly appreciate it!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    only those with first hand knowledge of patient can tell if enough water.

    he may also be getting water when meds are administered via tube.

    most common homecare order i see is 60-80 cc water tid + formula ranges from 4-6 cans/day depending on type forumula, patient wt, underlying illness + lab work so your in the ballpark. please discuss concerns with nurse.

    we can not offer individual patient advice per terms of service