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  1. Hi

    i am feeling alittle helpless because all i can do now is wait for my acceptance letter from cypress, cerritos and gwc.I would like to know my chances of getting in (bec. the couselors dont really help much when it comes to this). I got an "A" in anatomy and physiology and a "B" in micro and english 101. I amtaking my teas on MAY1

    As for cypress college, i have 22 point right now. just a point below what the couselor said is "competitive (23 points)" but i will complete my arts requiremnt during summer (so if needed) when i update my applicated my points will be a 23 instead of a 22

    cerritos and gwc goes by lottery. I am glad that i submitted an application bec. at least i have a chance (to get picked) . i am very hopefull that i get in but i dont really know where i stand and what to expect!!

    pls give feedbacks, comments, suggestions ... anything at all
    ---> for the meantime, i am expecting those acceptance letters on May
    ( i hope they could be sooner =| )
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  3. by   ERjodiRN
    did you try applying to saddleback? i can't say what your chances are...most places are lottery whether they tell you that or not....because everyone has a huge waiting list. i know some people who have been waiting 2 years, and others who have gotten in on the first try. best of luck to you!
  4. by   deliverator
    I applied to GWC 4 times. After 4 times, it's an automatic in. When I first applied to GWC, I also applied to Cypress and Santa Ana. By the time I graduated, this past December 2008, Santa Ana and Cypress had finally accepted me into their programs.

    A lot of my classmates at GWC got in on their first application. Quite a few that did, dropped out of the program, which made me quite mad because their spot could have gone to someone who was serious about completing the program.

    Waiting 2 years to get into a program made it so I had no excuse to fail. A few of my friends that I did pre-requisites got in 2 years ahead of me and a year ahead of me. Lucky for them, they graduated at a time when hospitals were still actively hiring new grads.

    good luck.
  5. by   finnelzki
    SO basically ... once you are qualified for the minimum requirement >>>> its just up in the air ryt? actually that's what im really nervous about. it sux that i cant do anything to better my chances (at this point) =(

    i didnt appply to saddleback. however, i am already in the waiting list at avc (my current school). i just wanted to get in as soon as possible and help out my family bec we need it desperately!!! i am taking my teas on may1 and if thats a success... they said i am starting spring 10

    what did you do while you waited? (because i am finishing all my general ed and transfer stuff and i am gonna be all done by summer)
  6. by   thaismile05
    you should've finished all your GE stuff so that you would've had the 23 points by the time you applied! but getting a A in A&P and a B in micro is really good. Did you take the prereqs at cypress? or at a different school
  7. by   finnelzki
    i firgured that as soon as i am qualified to apply i would because at least i have a chance, slim ... i know but nevertheless a chance. i just thought that i had nothing to loose besides by the time i update my application (for spring10) it would be '23'

    i took my pre-reqs at avc. and i worked hard for it. slightly disappointed with micro but i took it over the summer so ya....

    how far along are you in your studies? what colleges did you apply?
  8. by   thaismile05
    im going to be finishing up Anatomy this spring. where is AVC at? i'm planning on taking phys or micro in the summer and i can't afford to get a B haha do you know any where good and good professors for these two classes? preferbaly summer class