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  1. 0 Is there a company or group which provides classes where individual RN's can practice using the CVVH machine? I contacted the manufacturer and they provide classes but the hospital must set them up and pay for it
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    Not getting enough practice on the clock?
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    No in my unit we use it every "once in a while"
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    Your facility should provide the training. At least yearly they should have the rep come in and give some inservices, enough times for everyone to get some 'hands-on'. Just like other equipment needs review, something that isn't used frequently needs updating.

    This is not something that one person should have to pay for.

    Best wishes!
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    Don't do it on your own time. Suddenly you'll get a new MD who's big into CVVH and you'll be doing it all the time and you'll be the unit expert.
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    Are you at a large hospital with multiple icu's? If so I would check on other units to see if they have anyone on it and if you can go see them. That's what I did because it seems to come in spurts. We didn't have any for a couple months and now we have 4 on the unit.