Culture Project- Need help!!

  1. For one of my classes in the nursing program we have to do a culture project. One of the things that has to be included is to gather perspectives from nurses who have been involved in caring and communication for African Americans (the culture my group was given). I was having a hard time finding information on it so I thought I would try here. Have any of you, as nurses, been involved in the care and communication for African Americans? And if so, what perspective did you gather?
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  3. by   Whispera
    I'm an instructor who has assigned that project to my students. There is oodles of information on the internet on the topic! Also boatloads of books! The culture you're to report on actually is one that has much more information than many others.
  4. by   pshs_2000

    try searching academic databases like CINAHL and PubMed for culturally relevant/appropriate care
  5. by   txwildflower57
    I am also doing a research paper on Cultural Considerations in healthcare and found a great website for resource. check it out - it might help because there is a lot of information about African American healthcare.
  6. by   Rene3
    Try to contact a parish nurse in an African American community. She/he would be a great resource. Ive used books and internet resources but in my opinion, nothing beats immersion in the culture itself. The parish nurse can facilitate your entry to the community. I volunteered to help the parish nurse in her health programs like blood pressure screening, day care program, health ministry,bible study group etc. In the process I have gained invaluable perspective about African Americans first hand. Ive attended their Sunday services ( how can I forget those big hats granny wore on Sundays?), seen their dances as well as their songs. They have also shared their food with me. The experience helped me formulate a health program tailor made for them. Try to use Leiningers theory , it would also help.
  7. by   txgurl13
    i am doing the same thing right now. so if you find anything let me know. lol and ill do the same