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I work in a long term care skilled nursing facility. I crush an awful lot of meds. I mix said meds with apples sauce or pudding or water or juice. I have learned how to avoid getting the dust up my nose for the most part but I... Read More

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    Mostly I was just curious when I asked this question. I read the package insert to a dry inhaler. It talked about the effects of the med, the length of time and the route of excretion. So when one of our residents passed away, I wanted to know how big the dose was that they would get if they inhaled the entire amount. It wasn't that big. So I got to thinking about the number of times that when you are pouring the med into a cup, and the dust rises up and you get a sniffer full. It isn't about contaminating the meds being mixed, though I worry about that too. It was more about the effect on the individual. For example, if you get a nose full of BP med, does that med absorb through the lining of your nose? Does it lower your BP? Does that have an adverse or a beneficial effect? or a anti depressant, does that equal a better mood?

    As one poster mentioned, most nursing homes are NOT JACHO accredited. We have audits and inspections by our state every year. We get the same kind of tags ect. But some of the procedures for a nursing home/LTC/ SNF are different than what is required in a hospital. In some instances, more rigid, in some instances more lax. Just my opinion, I believe Nursing should be nursing. The procedure I use to administer meds in the Hosp. should be the same one that I use in the nh, but it is not. because of a LOT of factors.

    And to the poster who mentioned the Silent knight, I love it! I have gotten much better at not being so messy, and I rarely get a nose full. Usually it is when I am tired or in a hurry that I make that mistake.
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    I worry less about inhaling anything and more about accidentally getting nitro paste on my skin. It has happened, must admit nothing happened, but it did give me pause.
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    I love the Silent Knight!!! like lpnflorida...I am also concered about nitropaste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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