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    Perhaps I am taking poetic license in this attempt at answering Tips for your fill-in-the-blank of- your- nursing- specialty article contest, largely as I feel my specialty is nursing. After all, I am older, but not quite old. I have been in the trenches quite a few years (and wish I could be on the benches for some of those days). I am not quite jaded (just a tinge green Ė maybe bile colored?) but still love what I do. So new nurses, take it from the crusty county nurse: hereís what never teach you in nursing schoolÖ

    Donít do this job for the money. You will make good money, but there are days when no dollar amount will compensate for the indignities and insanity and frustration you will encounter.

    Donít do it because ďyou loveĒ or ďare good withĒ people ~ sick people, (especially the ones in pain, the gang bangers, and the ones with-drawling) arenít always nice people.

    Donít do it because there is a shortage and you figured this degree, which they readily sell-I mean- teach online now days, will be quick youíll have an easy job. Itís not 9 -5 and even on your best day itís not easy. Itís ever easy. This not a job, but a profession, and this profession is emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually challenging.

    Donít wear scrub pants with a tight t-shirt which exposes your belly when you reach up to hang an I.V. bag. I say this in part as I readily admit I am envious, (as my belly baring days are long over) but primarily as the practice is simply unprofessional. Yes, it attracts the paramedics/police/doctors. But while you may be the best nurse on the planet, and while no one will tell you this to your face, it puts your credibility on the line. And youíve worked too hard for that.

    Never swear at a patient or co-worker, no matter how tempted or deserved. You may, however, cry or pray with a patient or co-worker. Try to get along with the co-worker who drives you insane Ė like it or not, guaranteed youíll need them one day, when your patient is coding or you just canít seem to draw that stat lab or you forgot your lunch. Try to get along with the patient who is driving you insane Ė like it or not, guaranteed youíll be assigned to them again tomorrow.

    Pee when you have to. Eat. You must eat! They donít give a gold medal for missing your break or getting a UTI, and it doesnít make you a better nurse, so just get over that. Honestly.

    Yes, care plans are a pain, but they really do exist for a reason.

    Remember the basics, and then also remember to think critically. Challenge orders you think are suspect, challenge policies and practices which are unsafe, and challenge yourself, daily, to be as good as you have the potential to be. Do all of this without whining. Love what you do, because you wonít always like it. And remember at the end of the day, especially at the end of a really difficult one, remember that you have made a difference. And how many people get to say that?

    p.s. if I weren't such a computer dinasaur, I would individually thank all the very kind people who responded to my previous article attempt...each and every comment was very much appreciated.
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    This is wonderful advice that should be given to all students entering nursing school.
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    What a great article. I love the way you write, and I am going to track down your previous contribution.

    In the meantime, more, please. :typing
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    I loved this article. Especially the part about Peeing and missing lunches. It drives me nuts to hear the other nurses c/o not getting time to do this. LOL
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    "Yes, care plans are a pain, but they really do exist for a reason"

    Oh, I don't know... I've never seen a nurse go to the care plan because they didnt know what to do.
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    Thanks for the article-it kind of makes me miss the Journal of Nursing Jocularity! We really need to read things like this now.

    Your Jurassic Park neighbor,
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    From one crusty nurse to another - well done!
    I wish I could have thought of all that wonderful advice to pass on to the up and coming.
    Seems that it doesn't matter which country or the type of facility you are at - nursing is the same.
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    how true that is ! bad so many dont feel the same.
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    And I thought I had it bad, with the many that are the bed number, one who is so cute but won't make it because they need a bowel transplant. Or the one that will have no life because of grade III IVH, or the perfectly lovely baby with nothing wrong that will go home to the drug addicted parents that have proven to us during their baby's stay that they are still using and don't really care about the welfare of their baby more than the drugs. It's sad, it hurts. We cry and we go on to give the best care we can so that the next patient or parent gets our all and maybe something we do helps in the long run.
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    great advice says another old timer.I need to add that keeping up with techinology is important and can't be avoided even if it drives you Crazy !! the new nurse won"t have a problem with this; it is the older nurse like us with all those years experience who finds this diffcult.So I guess the best thing to say is ALWAYS KEEP LEARNING.I try and learn something new everyday.Thanks for great article I too am going to look up your other article.

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