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  1. I am new to this site. However, I have noticed several questions regarding Criminal backgrounds.. felonies etc.. of that nature. I responded to someone's question. I felt the need to post my response. I hope it helps and inspire any one in that similar situation.

    Here is my respond ....I read your post regarding Felony. I would like to tell you, if nursing is what you deeply and sincerely want to do. BY ALL MEANS, DO IT!! You may get some rejection, but look at it like this EVERYBODY WILL NOT TELL YOU NO!!!(every body meaning nursing schools, and various boards of nursing). I think most boards will say, they will look at each case on an individual basis, after you have completed nursing school. Certainly, you will hear the negatives such as---->Oh you cant go to nursing school with a felony --->Oh the hospital will not hire you or will not let you do your clinical there. If the school accepts you, the school is responsible for you while you are doing your clinical there. It is like you are under the schools care. Trust me what God has for you nobody can't stop it. However, I'm not dismissing the fact the road may not be smooth and rejection may occur. But I highly suggest never try to hide it and lie. You certainly do not want to look like a liar and a felion at the same time. If you were not found guilty of this felon and adjudication was withheld those are important factors you need to pay very close attention to when answering criminal background questions on applications.
    Also, research, do some calling around to your board of nursing and different nursing schools. If you are willing to go to a different state or city by all means do the same thing. When you call the schools, I highly suggest you speak with whoever makes the decision of acceptance into the nursing program. Also, check to see if you can get that juvinelle charge sealed. That would greatly be in your favor. Remember, try not to let that detour your dream (if nursing really is) Be reminded, almost every job in today's workforce will ask about past criminial bg.... even housekeeping jobs. So I definately would not let that stop me. It would be in your best interest, to not get into any more trouble. Some state boards will look at the time lapse period also. I hope this helps. Stay Motivated, and Keep you head up. Good Luck to you!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Thanks for you input and your encouragement.

    I'll close this thread so people don't start posting questions, as it is our policy to not address questions but to refer pepole to their schools and BON.

    Best wishes to those who are trying to move on towards new goals.