credit report ran by hospitals? work history

  1. Can hospitals find out where I've worked in the past? I thought the only way they can find out is through a credit report. Do they really run credit reports to find out?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    My credit report only lists one employer from several years ago. Grossly inaccurate. Previous employers are found out through other aspects of the background investigation. Professional background investigators look into public records and other available data, such as social security records to piece together this information. Credit reports are used mainly to verify previous addresses, and for that matter, there are gross inaccuracies on my reports in that arena.
  4. by   AstonC.
    wow, sounds like me days ago. long story short, if you have gotten into some type of trouble with your license or certification and it was reported, i'm sure the details of that will show up on the background check.
    from my understanding, the only time a past employer can be verified through a credit report is if you applied for a credit card and put them as an employer. that's my story. your address where you lived will be listed so list all of them.

    as far as credit, i filed for bankruptcy almost 6 years ago. i just finalized all of my documents with the hospital and have a start date :heartbeat. i was going crazy . i was sooooooo worried that i wouldn't get the job. i had to give authorization for them to check my credit. if i didn't, i knew it would be trouble.

    i worked for a company for 5 years and was terminated in 2007. i did not list them as a reference or past employer because i would rather play "catch me if you can". now, i'm not saying for you to lie but........

    in today's job market, you gotta do what you gotta do. i don't know how many past employers you have had or how long your work history goes back. yes, if the job is not healthcare related (in my case) or you worked at harrys hotdog barn or a place 15yrs ago, don't list it. only put down what you feel is relevant to the position.

    i would rather risk them finding out. yes, it's against the law for a past employer to badmouth you, but why run the risk? look at it like this: if you omit the past employer, and they don't find out, good. at least you still have a shot at the job. now if they do find out about the past employer you didn't list, you may be able to explain why you didn't put them down and still be in the running for the job. as a result of this, if you don't get the job because of the omission, at least in the future you will know to list that past employer.

    i hope this helps .