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I've been reading a thread here about CPR (started by Rags2RichesRN) but I have a slightly different question than hers. My question is that I, too, am a new nurse and although I, too, took the American Red Cross CPR program... Read More

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    Quote from AnonRNC
    You're right: if someone is so obese that you absolutely cannot get around them from the back, go to the front and give abdominal thrusts. You'll probably need to get low in order to thrust up and in.
    As a new Nurse I had a 400lb pt choke on lunch. I couldn't get my arms around the pt so one of the CNA's and I joined hands and circled the pt and that did the job. It was cumbersom but it worked!!
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    You are being very proactive to think about these issues. You are certified, it is your job to act when appropriate. It is also your job to be ready to act. Do what you are trained to do to the best of your ability.
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    Thank you ALL so very much! Reading your comments is making me feel much more secure. I just needed your feedback and confirmation, and now I have it. I love this site
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    There is a new CPR board available for obese patients, its called BariBoard!
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    Good to know, kkorn! I just googled it. My facility doesn't have one but maybe they will soon.
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    I have seen some of the most productive compressions from little 5 foot nothing girls climbing up on the bed and getting a good straight line shot down on the person. I like to do the same. Heck on the ground is the best because you can just get over them and drop straight down on top of the bigger people. Proper technique and alignment helps tremendously.

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