Continuing Education/Seminars/Trainings for a New Nurse in CT

  1. Hi! I graduated 2008 and passed my nclex RN just recently the thing is I don't have any experience and I'm wondering maybe some training will boost my resume, like IV training or CPR and such. But I just want to ask what are the trainings or seminars that I can do as a BSN graduate and license holder. All i know was IV training, CPR and telemetry?

    I've been doing my research but it's all online training and I'm not quite sure if the hospitals here or nursing homes would accept that? any suggestions to further my knowledge and skills? BTW I live in Connecticut and it seems hard to find classes here...

    nd about Online CPR certification can you suggest any site that is legit... thanks for all the future response
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  3. by   rainbowbrite85
    Just curious, but how did you get through Nursing School and not hold a valid CPR certification? Or did you let it expire?

    Your best bet is to get your training through the hospital. But I don't know how much all of that is going to "boost" your resume, seeing as how basics like CPR are expected. Good luck finding those sorts of things in's pretty...."distinct" on how they run things out here
  4. by   rosedale4u
    Ohhhh igraduated in the Philippines thats why....
  5. by   scoochy
    Call the American Heart Association to sign up for a CPR course, and take it as soon as you can. As for IV classes, you can locate programs by going on line. The course is expensive. Personally, I would not spend the $$ on courses. How will you be able to maintain these skills (such as IV training and EKG recognition) if you do not have employment?

    You can "boost" your resume, but the key is experience, of which you have none. My advice? Start the employment application process, and take the CPR course. You may also want to subscribe to a nursing journal/magazine; this will help you to keep your knowledge current, and the subscription is not $$$.
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  6. by   rosedale4u
    ohh thanks for the advice!