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Continuing Education for Nurses

  1. 0 Hello all
    This is going to be my first time that I need to take continuing education for my license in US and I was wondering if anyone knows a good online pharmacology program out there for nurses. I've found a couple but would like to hear from others as well. Also, I'm open to other CEs as well.
    Thanks in advance.
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    any specifics if you want like acls prep course, chemo, cardiac...any preference?
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    Well I work in ER so ACLs and cardiac will be more relevant.
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    AHA has a pre ACLS class it's a ekg and pharmacology class it's a certification but no nursing CEs that I know of. And there is this Nursing Continuing Education | CEU for Nurses | | Wild Iris Medical Education
    I teach the EKG and Pharmacology class for AHA and am thinking of doing it all online but I'm trying to get a feel for how many people would really be interested in it for me to put the work into making it count for CEs...I'd have to tweek it a bit, what do you think?
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    I would take it NurseGreta.
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    wow, ok good to know I will let you know if/when it's up! I will see if there is any other interest. I teach it at the training center I work at in Charlotte, NC now but, as a nurse, I know we would prefer it to be all online if possible.
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    Sure I would be willing to take that although without credits. How much the course usually cost and what's the time frame if it happens?
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    Good questions, I'm gathering information to get nationally approved for CEs. I have never applied for this before so I have no idea how long it will take...I'm kinda in research mode now. If I understand correctly you would be interested in an online ACLS prep course even if it didn't supply CEs?
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    That's correct. I don't mind getting an ACLS course online. I just need to know the course outline in order to make decision.