Colonoscopy sterile procedure?

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    Just wondering if a colonoscopy is considered a sterile procedure. I didn't think so because there did not seem to be a sterile field for the one I observed. I am sure the equipment has to be sterile though. Does anyone know for sure?

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    Colonoscopies are considered clean procedures, not sterile. The equipment does not need to be sterilized, but it is decontaminated and cleaned with antimicrobial solutions in between uses.
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    Yeah, just think of where the scope is going... that area is definitely *not* sterile... LOL.
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    Nope, the GI tract is not sterile, so a colonscopy is not a sterile procedure. If an incision were made somewhere, like for a PEG tube placement, the skin part would be done with sterile technique, but not the scope part.
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