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I have a question: On our Med-Surg floor, we had a 80 year old patient that was A&Ox3. Her nurse had been talking to her, left the room for about 3 minutes, and when she came back, the patient had... Read More

  1. by   Bugaloo
    Now that I have had a few days to think about it, I am apt to agree with the doctor. When I review everything in my mind, a few things pop up.

    1. The pt's nurse did not immediately start CPR when she found her. She came to the desk and was not sure if she was a DNR or not.

    2. The ward clerk took her sweet time calling the code overhead. It was 0600.

    3. It is a small rural hospital, and the "Code Team" consists of a nurse and doctor from ER and maybe ICU if available. The house super can come IF they choose too.

    4. Very few nurses are ACLS certified and just freak out during a code.

    I am a traveler at this hospital, and I have learned that it is very low tech here; classes are not offered for furthering the education of the nurses. The nurses are discouraged from being assertive, so a lot of them just do not care anymore. The nurses here are treated as 2nd class citizens, if that.

    I think that the doctor was correct in his judgement. The other nurses do not agree, but they have never seen how codes are run elsewhere, either.

    I just wanted to get the input from other nurses, to see what they thought. Thanks so much to those of you who replied.