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  1. 0 I am an RN and have worked in critical care for over 15 years in a major teaching hospital. I am contemplating the idea of furthering my education to obtain my masters degree to become a clinical nurse specialist. I have spoken to and observed many clinical nurse specialists over the years and have some knowledge of what the job entails. I would like to ask all those who are already in this position if there is any advice you have to offer me for this new goal that I have.
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    See if the job you want to go to will give you tuition assistance or comp time off for school. Get involved with (or create) a peer group to share experiences, resources, et al. with people who will be working around you. We had a monthly lunch with CS's from five or six hospitals around here, and it was very supportive and satisfying.

    It's a great job. I love it when I did it.
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    I love the idea of a peer group! I'll definitely look to see if there's anything in my area. Thank-you!