Anything new in Home Health in the last year?

  1. I am new to this board and happy to have found it!

    I worked as a Home Care nurse in Michigan for 5 years. I took a year off and worked as a Case Manager for Blue Care Network. I just hated it! So now I'm getting ready to go back into the field. Has there been any changes that I should be aware of?
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  3. by   nursemarion
    OASIS C is coming out. Coding is changing - ICD10 is coming out but has been delayed. There are a lot of new DX codes, and coding principles have changed a bit. I am sure you will learn quickly. All inhalers will soon be HFA and they require some different procedures. They are coming out with devices that count your puffs so you know when they are near empty to get a refill. You can't float them to test them. I don't know about your state regs. PTA's are now being used in home care, not just PT's. Recent agency audits have focused on how nurses are addressing the dx in the plan of care. You can't just code for points. The whole payment system was upgraded but that might have been before you left. Welcome back!