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I don't even remember when I started writing or even remember when I stopped. I am writing this just to make sure I won't forget. I never intended to be a nurse,not at all but as fate would want to play it I became one. Time... Read More

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    you have me in tears please keep doing what you do ...choclate heart --aka heart of goldcrying2:heartbeatheartbeatheartbeatheartbeatheartbeatheartbeatheartbeatheartbeat
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    thank you everyone for your comments. the captain joined His Creator on a sunny Monday morning after the weekend he gave me the chocolates. i will never forget this experience of is truly a blessing to do what i am doing right now.
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    Your article made me cry.

    Thank you so much. Another reason why I love being a nurse.

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    Thanks for your story! It is good to read about personal experience like that.