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Changing specialties-need advice/long post

  1. 0 I need some opinions please. I graduated nursing school in 2005. I wanted to specialize and secured an entry level position in L & D. I LOVED IT!! But at the end of a shift, after about 6 or 7 weeks, I was pulled aside and told that I was being sent to the Med/Surg/ Peds floor for additional training. To say that I never saw it coming would be an understatement. I was told that after 3-6 months, that I would be able to return to L & D. I was gutted, but I sucked it up and did med surg. I found while I was there that my preceptor took her role seriously and wanted me to succeed. I had constant feedback and encouragement. It was a big change from MY experience in L & D was where my so called preceptor sat on her *** and watched me do the work and shouted out occasionally "What is taking you so long?" (I guess that was her idea of feedback!) You get the gist. So after a couple of months, I decided that I appreciated the support I got in Med/Surg/Peds and that as much as I wanted to go to L & D, I no longer wanted to deal with the people on that floor, in that department. Besides-and this is kinda the kicker here, all through nursing school, we were told "Do Med/Surg first and you can go on to do any specialty that you want." I spent 3 1/2 years in Med/ Surg and ended up being one of the 3 nurses (out of 15) with the most seniority, the one the others looked to for advice and help.

    We have recently moved to the West Coast with my husband's job. I am job hunting and looking to go back into L & D. I am having no luck in that ALL positions that I have seen want previous experience and I was told by one recruiter that they are not having any trouble filling those positions with trained nurses. Other areas that I have expressed interest in do not want Med/Surg nurses either. They want previous experience or ED nurses. If I go into a related area-say post surgery like maybe Bariatrics, then I feel that I should stay probably longer than a year. If I go out of the hospital, then won't I have to take an RN renewal course to go back to the hospital? Won't a recruiter then wonder why if my goal is L & D, why did I go into a related med/surg specialty or leave the hospital to do for instance, same day surgery?-(I applied for a position) One other puzzle-I cannot be considered for the limited internships available because I am no longer a new nurse. What is going on here??

    At this point, I'm seriously considering watressing through the holidays then trying again in January. I could go back to school I guess. Then would I qualify for internships? Something seems messed up here but maybe its me?

    I am 47, have a 15 and 18 year old (no child care issues) and have the following: BS (management),AS, RN, BLS, ACLS,PALS, Chemo course, Preceptor course. I have excellent references and an exceptional job review. I would be rehired at my old job-which is 3000 miles away. The commute would be a bit long. Thanks for reading all this and any helpful advice.
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    First, is your DH likely to be transferred again soon? It is hard to build a career when the spouse is constantly transferred. Your recruiters may see this. Second, if you know you will be in an area for a significan time(over a year) you can focus more on getting in the door and after 6 months requesting a transfer to the area you really want. If you are able to build some skills in you chosen specialty, you can take them wherever you go. giving you a slight edge. If your spouses career eclipses your own, you may try travel nursing. A stong MS nurse should not have too much trouble finding work. They may even consider you maternal background when finding assignments.
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    Have you thought about doing agency work? You could do med-surg until you landed an L&D job. You wouldn't be stuck and agency nursing pays well. Good luck.