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  1. [font=book antiqua]has anyone ever taken one of these cruise seminars? i saw it on the google ads here, so it intrigued me, as i am a cruise lover. i've been on a few cruises, but never for anything other than pleasure...

    [font=book antiqua]how do they work? do you get to visit the ports, or are you in class all the time?

    [font=book antiqua]i just wondered if anyone here had experience with this, or maybe another type of travel seminar. i've seen ones that go to resorts too. it sounds like a good idea, but i don't know if they keep you in class the whole day or if they plan it differently. info appreciated.
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    [font=book antiqua]just thought i'd reply to this since i started it; i ended up registering for the seminar. topic sounds interesting -rapid response to clinical crisis; it's on rapid response teams, and it's worth 14 ce credits.

    [font=book antiqua]i just called them and asked the questions i had posted here, so i got the answers i was looking for. the seminars are held on days 'at sea' and there are not any classses scheduled on the days we are in port.
    [font=book antiqua]i haven't been to coastal mexico yet, so i"m looking forward to this. really excited about going to cabo - hubby and i are big sammy hagar fans so we will definitely be stopping at his bar cabo wabo!

    [font=book antiqua]only 180 days til my cruise to the mexican riviera!! whoo hoo!
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    i am going to do one of these this year, so I am hoping that you will get this and reply. can you let us know how your cruise was, the good points, any bad points, the cruise line you used, and any details you would like to share? thank you so much!
    angles mommy! my hubby has taken a bunch of trips in the last couple years I had to stay home and care for the kids and work. I keep saying I am going to take a trip but none of my friends ski ro do 100 milke bike tours etc..I tried to get someone to go to disney and disney to do one of the disney half marathons but still a no go, then i saw this and I this is easy to get people to go with you, and even if not one of my friends goes with me, Dont you think I could go on this by myself???
    please share your experience, thank you!
    angels mommy