Certifications: ANCC or NCC?

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    I hold two Board certifications from ANCC, in Ambulatory and in Gerontology.

    My hospital is taking a big initiative to have at least 50% of their RNs Board Certified, from the ANCC, and even pays exam fees and days off to test, and offers raises of 3% for passing. Joint Commission also looks at ANCC certification at facilities as part of their survey. http://www.nursecredentialing.org/

    Suddenly on TV I see a cheesy commercial for this NCC - "National Certification Corporation," with the slogan "Just ASK: For Certified Nurses." http://www.nccwebsite.org/default.aspx

    What the hell? It seems to be a small org that only has a few certifications available for neonatal and pads stuff but still......what's the difference?

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    Just that, they offer a different subspecialty group to test for their RNC. Either is accepted as certified when getting Magnet or Joint Commission. We have 75% of our staff RNC
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    do you still have the kindle CCM flash cards? I have a kindle and I just want to go through the questions. I'm taking the ACMA test at the end of this month. I don't know what I should focus on. I read the 4th edition case manager's handbook. Can you help a fellow CM out?

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