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  1. HI all. I've had 2 interviews and they are scheduling a third (and final) with a company for a RN case manager position. The company is a managed care company for medicaid/medicare/TANF/CHIP members. The company just recently expanded into my geographic area, so I would be handling a mix of populations...OB/NICU/Psych/Chronic Disease. I would be based out of my home with visits to patients. I was able to speak with 3 case managers in the company and they all had positive things to say, tough the manager was on the phone at the time They said they typically carry a caseload of 35-45 patients, though they said it can double at the end of the month. I've not done case management before, but think I would really enjoy it. I'm frustrated with bedside nursing and am hoping that case management might fulfill some of my, follow up etc.

    any thoughts? Are there any case managers out there that might be willing to share their experiences?

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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    oooh, i did this! and i never went back to bedside. you will love the autonomy, you'll learn new stuff, and your coworkers, if they were anything like most of the field case managers i know, will be a great help to you, sharing resources, giving insights, and giving advice. there will be days when you're slammed, and then there will be days when you can duck into a local store to hit a sale for an hour. go for it.