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Iíve only been a nurse for a few years now. I was hired as a new grad to work full-time nights on an inpatient psychiatric unit. I am the only nurse on my shift, and the long-standing mental health worker is reticent and sleepy... Read More

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    Mmnnkkkkk Im crying AGAIN!
    Thank you so very much.....
    SN: You can be a Nurse AND A WRITER!
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    From a fellow psych nurse, that is a brilliant piece of writing. The clients are lucky to have you
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    I just have to add to the kudos for your story and your way of telling it. I agree with every post above me. Thank you for sharing and being open to the experience. Your patients are lucky!
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    Beautiful and Inspiring story.
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    Great article and facinating read..!!
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    In case I forget:

    Thanks again for the kind words, folks. Very encouraging. It's been a very long time since I made the attempt. Maybe some day I'll actually have the time to do so in earnest. Yeah, right.

    - Daniel
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    Daniel: I am rarely moved enough to comment on articles, but this was very touching, and you sound like a fabulous nurse. Thank you for sharing, and God bless H, may he find peace! Babs

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