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Hey there! I am having a heck of time with my OB rotation. I hate it. I am having a very hard time focusing and even though I try to study, I am having a hard time retaining. I just failed my OB med quiz and can take it over... Read More

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    I can offer this...when I was in nursing school, I was working 3/4 time as well. I was an extremely dedicated student, and demanded the most from myself. However, in one semester, it became clear that the time demands of both the job and class and clinical schedules were too much. I made the difficult decision to split one semester up, and graduated one semester later than I would have -instead of December, I graduated in May. I was so torn about the decision, but one of my wise professors advised ..."Will it really make a difference in 5 years which semester you graduated in?" I learned that trick from her...ask yourself if something will be THAT significant in 5 years. I knew I was so tired that I was going around in a fog, almost bumping into walls. I wasn't able to enjoy much of anything due to the fatigue, and every single moment from the time I woke up until the time I closed my eyes was accounted for. The relief that I got from splitting the semester and only taking 9 hours that semester and the next was incalculable. No harm done in graduating one semester really didn't make a difference in much. So, give yourself permission if you need it. If your head is spinning and you cannot study through the fatigue and anxiety, then modify your life. Anything that has waited this long, can wait another semester. You may be a better student, mother, and co-worker for it. Good luck in whatever you choose to do. ( I know our OB semester was incredibly intensive as far as paperwork-I believe my semester paper was typed at 63 pages long. ugh...)
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Hey there!
    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    I am having a heck of time with my OB rotation.
    I hate it.
    I am having a very hard time focusing and even though I try to study, I am having a hard time retaining.
    I just failed my OB med quiz and can take it over as many times as I need to but I MUST pass this quiz to pass the class. I seem to have developed a mental block.
    I'm freaking out over clinicals and reciting my meds.
    I am totally blown away by the amount of paperwork and research this class requires.
    I am stressed over my late clinical times and the fact I have exams the day after clinicals.
    I am becoming physically ill and am frustrated that I could pull myself through before, in spite of going through divorce, moving and a nasty clinical instructor. And now I let myself fall apart now?
    I only have until July to finish but can't bear anymore.
    I feel like I started this class behind already.
    I have seriously considered withdrawing, taking a mental break and better preparing for when I take this class again.
    That means I won't be done until, at least December.
    I don't know how much longer worK will put up with my schedule.
    I have kids looking forward to my July graduation.
    I have family counting on me to finish.
    I hate nursing (right now, anyway) but I feel I must start what I finish.
    I guess I just need to vent and I am sure plenty of others have been in my situation.
    I feel incompetent and stupid right now.
    Any advice?
    While its true that nursing is hard work, just keep your eye on the prize: getting your diploma and earning your license i had a really tough instructor myself during my second year but because of that i have learned alot and it has helped me earn my diploma and finally get my RN license once you're done you don't have to worry about working at OB because then you will get a chance to choose where you'd like to work. as hard as it may be, try to focus on the positive, think of what you can do rather than what you can't do don't allow other people's expectations to compromise your health.if it would really be best to withdraw for now even though it would mean graduating in December, then do it! but if you think you can keep up..then its okay too! one of my instructor also use to tell me that its important to take some time for yourself...set a schedule for at least 1 hour 3-4 times a week to relax...set a balance b/w nursing, work, family and self time. I found that exercise really helped in increasing my confidence, thinking more positive & stimulating my mind..i wish you all the best now take 3 deep breaths and say to yourself "i can do this!"
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    If your clinical instructors have heard it all before that likely means they have also seen some things to help you get through it. I encourage you talk to them, to your school counselor, to invest in some stress relief for yourself. Hang in there. You have come so far.
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    I teach OB clinicals....
    if there is anything clinically OB that I can help you understand, let me know.

    How about one day... or even four hours... for yourself?!?
    one of my friends sounded just like you last fall. Her family gave her a "Spa Day", and she felt so much better afterwards. The cost of a pedicure, a manicure, and a full massage is nothing compared to refueling and refocusing!
    No work, no phone, no school, nada. Quiet, calm, a nice meal perhaps....

    Just an idea.
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