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Hello, I am a Canadian nurse (only Canadian citizen) who graduated from an American University with my BSN. I have interviewed for an RN position in Virginia. I just got the call from HR stating that I recieved the position. Does... Read More

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    Lol, after everything I've learned about your healthcare system, you need not worry about this Canadian nurse taking your job. Many American nurses get shafted:

    -Poor working conditions and low pay
    -Termination and call offs frequently
    -No health insurance or benefits
    -Minimal to no raises in pay
    -Very unsafe patient loads
    -Routine threats and worry re: litigation
    -Mandatory overtime often: yes they bug me to work too, but we can and do say no.

    Aside from California, where the pay and working conditions are comparable to mine, I probably wouldn't cross the border for work. At one time, I contemplated it. With the current climate, there's just too much to lose.
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    Quote from Abbachri
    Well i spent 50,000U.S at an American University so I think working in America is fine!
    This kind of attitude shows a false sense of entitlement and may alienate American colleagues.
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    I will be interesting to see what becomes of the USA say in 100 years.....I anticipate a complete dissolution of sovreignty and a merging of Canada, USA an Mexico, lets call it what Cansaco?

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