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Canadian nurse trying to work in U.S

  1. 0 Hello, I am a Canadian nurse (only Canadian citizen) who graduated from an American University with my BSN. I have interviewed for an RN position in Virginia. I just got the call from HR stating that I recieved the position. Does anyone know what I need to do now to work in the U.S? Anything about the TN visa?

    Thank you in advance for your replies
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    Try checking the international nursing forum.

    From USCIS website:

    Q: How do Canadian citizens obtain the TN nonimmigrant classification?
    A: Canadian citizens are not required to apply for a visa with a U.S. consulate or file a petition with USCIS. When requesting admission as TN workers at a U.S. port-of entry, however, they must provide proof of citizenship, a letter from their prospective employer detailing items such as professional capacity, purpose, length of stay, and educational qualifications. They may also need to provide credential evaluations. Following inspection by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer, an eligible Canadian citizen will be admitted as a TN nonimmigrant with a Form I-94 as evidence of such admission."
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    You need a social security may have it if you went to school, not sure how that works though. Because you went to school in the US, the CGFNS visa screen certificate probably doesn't apply. So I would think you would just need a TN VISA which is easy to get at the border.
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    Yes I have a social security card already. Yea I am going to have to email my employer about the TN visa i think
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    Love you, love Canadians but it frosts me that there is a US citizen that would kill to have that job......just sayin
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    Its not your fault and I am certain you are an awesome nurse.....its the fault of the US govt.....
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    Well i spent 50,000U.S at an American University so I think working in America is fine!
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    It is not this nurse fault. The fault lies at the US government for the insanity right now in healthcare. If anyone can get a job right now grab it as there are not enough jobs to go around-for anyone.
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    Quote from mindlor
    Love you, love Canadians but it frosts me that there is a US citizen that would kill to have that job......just sayin

    Should we send our American co-workers home? The ones that arrived under NAFTA? The ones that have American educations and only hold ADNs.

    There are Canadian nurses that would kill for their jobs .... just sayin.
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    I gave up my US job and moved back to Canada Yeah...I'm now a nurse with health insurance.
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    Lol, after everything I've learned about your healthcare system, you need not worry about this Canadian nurse taking your job. Many American nurses get shafted:

    -Poor working conditions and low pay
    -Termination and call offs frequently
    -No health insurance or benefits
    -Minimal to no raises in pay
    -Very unsafe patient loads
    -Routine threats and worry re: litigation
    -Mandatory overtime often: yes they bug me to work too, but we can and do say no.

    Aside from California, where the pay and working conditions are comparable to mine, I probably wouldn't cross the border for work. At one time, I contemplated it. With the current climate, there's just too much to lose.
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    Quote from Abbachri
    Well i spent 50,000U.S at an American University so I think working in America is fine!
    This kind of attitude shows a false sense of entitlement and may alienate American colleagues.
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    I will be interesting to see what becomes of the USA say in 100 years.....I anticipate a complete dissolution of sovreignty and a merging of Canada, USA an Mexico, lets call it what Cansaco?