can you still remember??

  1. hello my fellow nurses.. i will be starting my first day of orientation.. first week of may.. I'm not a new grad but i've never had any med surg experience.. heck i don't even know how to put an IV or a catheter.. sad huh? that's why I'm so freakin' nervous

    anyways, there is always a first for everything and all of us started knowing only a few til most of you guys became an expert.. well what I'm trying to say is.. can you share me your experiences? can you still remember your first day at work and what was it like..
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    The tasks of iv's.. foleys.... and everything else that is just a procedure.. will be taught in your orientation.

    We all learned them.. you will too. Try to relax and focus on the process . If you feel clumsy at first.. realize all nurses felt that way in the beginning.

    The real challenge of nursing goes way beyond tasks.