Can a felon become a nurse?

  1. I have a friend who is interested in becoming a nurse. He has a felony conviction on his record, though. I can't remember the exact charge (it was about 10 years ago), but it was drug-related (again I can't remember for sure, but I think he said it was coke)... I think the charge was for posession.

    Anyway, he was able to make a deal and didn't do any time. He was supposed to be on probation for 3 years, but they let him off after about half that time because he turned his life around and proved it to his probation officer. He cleaned himself up of all drugs (used to smoke pot & do some coke), and got himself a job at a manufacturing plant. Since then, he has received various promotions, including a promotion into a supervisory position. He has also gone to school part time while he works, and received an AAS and is working on his bachelor's, but is considering starting over as a nursing student after he graduates. He is truly a different person that he was in his "old life," but obviously the state doesn't know that.

    Do you think it would be possible for him to get licensed as an RN in New York? Also, his long-term goal is to move to North Carolina or Virginia - can anyone tell me what his chances would be at getting licensed in those states? I haven't talked to him about this yet, because I don't want to burst his bubble until I get some opinions from you folks. Maybe I'm worrying about him for nothing, but it just seems to me like the state would have a problem with this record.

    Can anyone offer any input? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   CCU NRS

    You friend needs to go to the original county of the charge and get his record. Or to the state criminal record organiztion. In Oklahoma it is OSBI Oklahoma State Bureu of Investigation. Usually you can go to this place and pay a fee to get a copy of your own criminal record and see if it is listed. If it is not listed it has probably been expunged. If it is listed this person will need to go to the original place where the charge was incurred. If he/she has served whatever sentence was imposed and the case was resolved he/she should get a copy of this information then he/she will have to either get the expungement processed if it exists or possibly ask for a "minute" to be added by a Judge. A minute is an addition to the record that explains that this case was resolved and the Judge can state that the record is asumed expunged because there is no further record or any thing outstanding against this person. Then you have to take this paper work to the first place or have the court you recieve it from fax it to them and have it added to your record.

    Your friend may have to go before a Judge and explaina that it was ten years ago and there have been no further charges in that time and that he/she is wishing to enter the medical profession in a nursing career.
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    Thanks so much for your quick reply, CCR NRS! I'll pass your info along to him. Hope he doesn't get discouraged, but at least it sounds like there is hope that he can still do this.

    Thanks again!