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I wanted to hear some of the nursing care that experienced nurses can provide for the care of a CABG patient. Not everything can be learned in books and some information is passed on from nurse to nurse. Can you give maybe... Read More

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    I have never heard about pump head and I do not really care about it . I know that there are many CABGs with alcohol withdrawal that do not make it good on the end. We even had one family threatening to sue us for allegations but it was clear as day what was going on . If you are a new nurse on the floor where there are CABG patients good idea is to educate them about everything especially that "exercise " does not mean going home and starting to pull weights and body building because they will come back with open chest ( we had that case), also that chest tube should be there to help patients ( some are very unhappy with those tubes) , that sometimes after surgery people are just tired and they do not want to "entertain" their family and you need to ask your patient if you need to play "tough policy oriented nurse" and escort them to a waiting room ( I always make some secret sign that they can use to let me know to kick their family out - they can be upset with me because grempa does not want to see them upset with him) , also sex , yes you need to mention that and talk about it as it is " what did you eat last night" because if they see you comfortable talking about it they will ask you questions that bother them otherwise they could think it is over.. Yes, temporary pacers - DO NOT PUT it close to their hand , I can prove it to you that it will become their call bell or tv remote control and then you have an issue ( I had it ) it was scary and hilarious (later) because the pacer was off and suddenly my patient is going all around with EKG and there are pacing spikes ??!! how on the earth??! .. he turned it on and crank it up to the sky high ... good lord .. that I only could say and put it off.... They made fun of me later , "so, your patient is watching what channel, you said?? and what did you tell him to do it with his pacer"... you must joke sometimes I am sure you know that..) good luck to you -

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    Quote from onaclearday
    It's stress. Stress messes with blood sugar. CABG, if open and bypass especially, is very, very stressful to go through. This stress can shoot your sugar up. Best for you to have it managed in order for you to heal.
    That and tight blood sugar control is essential for faster and less complication incisional healing.
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    I'd be checking those chest tubes more than once an hour. If you get a serious bleeder they can put out several hundred ccs in a matter of minutes and everything will suddenly take a very bad turn. I review mine at least q5 mins for a good couple hours.

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