Bringing Massage Therapy Back into Nursing - page 3

It was at one time, a standard of practice in nursing to provide patients with the comforts of massage. This allowed nurses time with the patient, satisfying the need for touch and allowing the patient the ability to heal... Read More

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    With such high nurse/patient ratios this is difficult at best to do with all of the added duties that hospitals have placed on RNs....but I know first-hand that it is of benefit to the patient. I had a patient complaining of pain, but was unable to give her more pain med due to her BP.....a back massage/rub relieved her pain and she was thanking me as she fell into a restful sleep......

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    As a massage therapist starting nursing school in the Fall, thank you! I, too, feel it is a wonderful adjunct as well as preventive maintenance.
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    @dsoginer - You have a kind heart and will make a wonderful, compassionate nurse. I like how you say "whenever it is appropriate."

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