Bringing Massage Therapy Back into Nursing - page 3

Approximately 1 in 4 persons have used some form of complimentary and alternate medicine / therapy. Hospitals, physicians and nurses are finding ways to incorporate alternative options in health care... Read More

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    With such high nurse/patient ratios this is difficult at best to do with all of the added duties that hospitals have placed on RNs....but I know first-hand that it is of benefit to the patient. I had a patient complaining of pain, but was unable to give her more pain med due to her BP.....a back massage/rub relieved her pain and she was thanking me as she fell into a restful sleep......

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    As a massage therapist starting nursing school in the Fall, thank you! I, too, feel it is a wonderful adjunct as well as preventive maintenance.
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    @dsoginer - You have a kind heart and will make a wonderful, compassionate nurse. I like how you say "whenever it is appropriate."

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