bolus w/o order....yes or no? - page 3

greetings all!! bolusing without an order....yes or no? background story to the question: i work same day surgery and we had a patient, male, late 30's, in phase 2 recovery s/p knee scope.... Read More

  1. by   DedHedRN
    I agree with the comment about approaching the nurse first. You could say something like.."Giving IV fluids without an order is outside the nursing scope of practice, without the order you leave yourself open to malpractice lawsuits if anything went wrong." and see what she says. She has lots of exp. its possible the last unit like yours she worked on had standing orders or something like that, its possible she just is not aware the yours does not. Its possible she used to work ICU where nurse often act first then get orders later.

    At any rate you will remind her that she does not work alone and that doing things like that will be noticed by others. Maybe she will clean up her act.

    Write an incident report if it really bothers you. Its a medication error at any rate.
  2. by   squatmunkie_RN
    Out of her scope. I'm sorry but I won't risk my job or license doing something I "anticipate" a doctor doing no matter how sick the pt is. If the MD won't answer call a rapid response or keep paging until he answers.