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My question: What is the best and/or fastest way to become a Family Nurse Practitioner? I have applied to Vanderbilt's bridge program, which takes two years. If I do not get accepted, what is... Read More

  1. by   Fourfecta
    Thank you NomadMomma! lots of good advice in there. I am also a little concerned about the talk of Nurse Practitioners being required to get a doctorate....I figured if i got into an accelerated program I would be finished before any major changes were made, and then get "grandfathered" in...but that is just an assumption.
  2. by   jahra
    The FNP can be quite a challenge even for experienced RNs.
    I had a friend who was an experience RN, returned for the FNP.

    Not only was the program intense, after graduating she worked
    in a Family Practice she had her own caseload of patients.
    It really took a while for her to settle in with the added responsibilities
    of prescribing/ordering managing cases.

    Her boss, was an excellent support and resource person which
    helped in her transition to advanced practice.

    I wish you luck in whatever path you select. But consider getting
    some experience in nursing first for the road ahead.

    Your work experience makes you ideal for any specialty you select in nursing..