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by luvmykids0810

I work as a PCT at north hills hospital here in dfw. And im going to school for nursing because i want to PLUS they're paying for it. BUT i keep getting talked out of nursing by most of the nurses on my floor (PCU) and when i... Read More

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    The thing about nursing that you may not see is the load that you get from management, the policies, and the company line because every hospital is a business being run by a company that forgets there are real human beings involved.
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    Quote from luvmykids0810
    So is nursing really that bad? I want to be a nurse and work in L&D but they really freak me out with all this dont be a nurse talk.
    There is a saying, ďLove what you do, and never work a day in your Life.Ē I was fortunate and I loved what I did. After a career in the Military, I transferred to civilian life, worked, studied, and ended up with my MSN. Unfortunately, wounds and illnesses caught up with me and after 35 years, I was forced to retire medically and now I miss it terribly. It takes hard work and dedication, but if you are willing to work for it, you can have a wonderfully rewarding career in Nursing, if thatís what you truly want. If it isnít what you want, it isnít worth the work, because there will be hard days with heart ache, sore feet, an aching back, dayís youíll be so irritated with your co-workers you could just spit fire, dayís youíll just want to go home and cry and then youíll have days that make some of those days seem like the good days, BUT, then youíll also have great days too. It depends on where you work what will make a great day, but there will be plenty of them as well. If they were all bad, all of these fine people, including myself wouldnít put all of the years in that we put in. Good luck.
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    I have been working as an RN for more than one year and I love it! It's very hard, can be intense, and I sometimes come home with sore knees and feet. But it's also very interesting to meet different families, learn about different illnesses and treatments. I am never bored.
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    You'll probably end up getting hired as an RN where you currently work at, so finding a job
    won't be your problem.
    Listen not to these people as they don't know your skill level, background, opportunities and future career path.
    They may feel stagnant or insecure about their current positions and are generally afraid to be replaced by someone younger.
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