1. I had just lived in U.S Dallas for 5 month, I am 17 years old and a junior. I want to be a nursing so what I need to learn and do to prepare for nursing career ? What classes I need to study to good for my career in the future ? I learning hardly to have enough credict to graduate because I am 11 grade. So I am afraid that I don't have enough experiment, knowledge in college and career. Please help me. Thank you for anwsering.
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Hi there! In 11th grade, you would not be expected to have experience with college or other things needed for nursing just yet. What I would suggest is that you focus on your school work. Get very good grades. Pay attention in math and science classes in particular. Start looking at schools that have nursing and find out what the pre-requisite classes are that you will need to apply for nursing school. Consider getting a volunteer job over the summer at one of the local hospitals. Texas Health Resources in Dallas often will take high school students as volunteers over the summer, but so will most of the other hospitals too.

    Good luck!