Arabic medical translation?

  1. I'm an ER nurse in a diverse area. I've seen many useful websites/charts/books for medical/nursing translation into Spanish, which I've found very useful in practice. I've noticed a prominant Arab population is serviced by my facility and I was wondering if anyone has any useful suggestions for learning key phrases in Arabic (clearly not has easy to learn as Spanish!). Things like:

    Hello, my name is ___________ I'm going to be your nurse.

    I need to start and IV to give you medicine.
    We need to draw blood for some tests.
    The doctor will be with you as soon as possible.
    Do you have pain?
    Point to where it hursts?
    How much Pain 0-10?
    Take a deep breath in... and exhale.
    Do you have any allergies to meds or food?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   tcgirl
    I studied Arabic in college, and it's definitely a challenge to learn. Your best bet is going to be to find a native speaker to teach you. Is there anyone at the hospital who speaks Arabic? Or is there a local college with students or faculty who could assist you?

    Also, I would maybe be cautious about asking questions of the patient in Arabic, because if they answer you, you may have no earthly idea of what they're saying... lol!

    Good luck!
  4. by   Aberdeen
    You might try this link.

    It doesn't tell you how to pronounce the phrases in Arabic, but if you had to you could point to the sentence and have them read it. I agree with tcgirl, Arabic is a challenge. I worked with a group of Moroccans who spoke the language and they tried to teach me. They finally gave up. I could never pronounce the words correctly, but they appreciated my effort. So much in fact, they made me an honorary Moroccan and gave me an Arabic name.
  5. by   suha.O
    Iam Arabic Nurse's would be my pleasure to produce any help !!!!
  6. by   skybmonkey

    Salam! Where are you from?