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Hey guys I really need some advice. I'm applying for a new job right now and I'm wondering what I should put in the (Supervisor) box on the application. I left my former position due to having a poor supervisor, and actually more... Read More

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    Agree with pp, HR is best. However, you may not have that option, if they insist that you put down your direct supervisor/manager.

    Just as a word of caution: do not assume that all is well just because you left on good terms. I have a friend who wondered why she couldn't even get an interview for several positions she applied for in a hospital she used to work for; she thought she left her last two jobs there on good terms.

    The recruiter (thankfully) finally enlightened her: Both managers had made her ineligible for rehire! She had no idea they would do such a thing. Fortunately, this did not apply to the entire hospital (just those two floors), but the recruiter told her that hiring managers in this hospital had access to this information and would therefore most likely not even want to talk to her. However, he also indicated that HR would state that she was eligibe for rehire (for the hospital).

    Good luck to you!

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    Once I got laid off from a hospital. That mgr told me I was eligible for rehire because she did not like me b ut thought it was unfair to not let me get job elsewhere in hospital. (It was right to fire, I mean Work state.) I even called HR and asked if I was rehire-able as I did not want to waste their time or mine. They said yes. I must be on some bargain basement level of rehire as I have applied for 37 openings there, some I was over qualified for and not one call, not one interview. Just a letter saying Thanks, we have filled this position, but please try again and that was on the first 11, now I do not get that. They are the only game in town and I would not work for them now for nothing but the principle of it all!!
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    Hey guys I just wanted to give you an update. I did manage to get an interview with the job I am seeking next week. Does this mean they already called my references or can they still call after the interview?
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    Most places call after interview then based on that will make an offer if interested.
    Good luck

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