Anyone participate in a Clinical ladder program?

  1. ...if so how did/do you like it? Do you find you have time to meet all the requirements? I'm thinking about participating in the one at my hospital. The annual bonus is $500 per month/$6000 overall.
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  3. by   cherrybreeze
    That's a big compensation! What is your breakdown? We are working on ours right now, but the payouts will vary widely based on how many categories each nurse has points in...
  4. by   Designer NP
    I've only been with the hospital since really interested when a nurse on my unit told me how much it was. I'm going to talk to the ANM tomorrow about exact specifications and will post what I find out.
  5. by   debthern
    we have clinical ladder at our work we get 10% for each of the two was some extra work but not that bad and definitely worth the extra pay
  6. by   Designer NP
    Ok. I found out more info. Our program is called Professional Development Model. It has 4 levels: I: Entry level Rn's $1,400 p/yr, II: $2,400p/yr, III:$4,500p/yr and IV:$6,600p/yr. The application packet is long and it takes a certain number of points in Education, Clinical and other various programs to maintain your level. I'm going over all the fine details with my manager tomorrow to see if I can get this started.